Maintaining Your Washing Machine

Nothing can bring your home life to a standstill like having your washing machine go down. The average lifespan of a washing machine is 11 years, but to make your model last that long requires regular home maintenance and experienced repair help when needed.  Keep It Level Your washing machine will last much longer if it is properly leveled. If it is vibrating and shaking the laundry room walls, then you need to adjust the " Read More 

Get Your Leaves Out Of The Gutter

Gutter cleaning is one of the most vital tasks to keeping your home in working order. Gutters take all the water that falls on your roof and direct to a location far enough away from your home to avoid water damage. If this task is neglected for too long, several bad things will start happening. So if you own a home, and that home has gutters, listen up. Blockages Reduce Flow Read More 

Is A Bachelor’s Degree Enough To Excel As A Structural Engineer?

If you have just finished your bachelor's degree in structural engineering, then you have made a very big accomplishment. With the ability to earn as much as $95,000 a year, a structural engineer has the potential to earn a very respectable living. You might be wondering if your bachelor's degree will enable you to become as successful as possible, or if you should return to school for a more advanced degree. Read More 

Storage Insurance: Do You Need It And How Do You Get It?

Self storage units can become a receptacle for quite a few valuables. Electronics, antiques, jewelry, and priceless family memories are just a few of the hard-to-replace items you will likely keep in your storage unit. Are you prepared if something goes wrong and damage occurs? Although the chances are low, your unit and the items inside aren't immune from fire, floods, or other disasters. You need to make sure you are protected. Read More 

Boarding Tips For The Owner Of An “Arf”-Ritic Dog: Choosing A Home For Your Arthritic Dog

Like people, dogs can suffer from painful arthritis. When you need to leave your dog at a boarding facility or kennels, your arthritic pet will need some special care and attention. You can make sure that your dog will be comfortable with some simple planning ahead: A Look at the Arthritic Dog Your dog cannot alert you to joint pain, but you can pick up on certain clues. For example, you will notice that your pet has a stiffened gait and a loss of flexibility. Read More