3 Precautions Companies Should Take When Trying to Get Featured in the Local News

If your company is looking to gain local buzz, one tactic you might try is getting featured in the local news. It can be a useful marketing tool that doesn't cost a dime. Just make sure you take these precautions to make the best use out of your company's time. 

1. Do Something Good

There are a lot of negative events that happen every day, which is why a lot of local news outlets do their best to focus on the positives to offset them. Along these lines, your company should try doing something good that gets noticed by local news stations.

For instance, you can hold a charity drive to make a certain amount of money that goes to a good cause. This event would probably get picked up by a local news station to spread awareness for the cause. Your company will benefit from all of the positive publicity it receives throughout this news coverage.

2. Keep Pitching Stories

A lot of amazing things may happen within your company, but local new stations will only know about them if you keep reaching out. You need to keep pitching stories to different news stations so that they hear your call and respond with a spot in the local news.

These regular attempts will show that you're persistent and that makes a huge difference in staying relevant with different news outlets. Just make sure you're professional in the way you reach out to safeguard your company from being seen as bothersome.

3. Compile Professional Videos and Images

If you can make a local news outlet's job easier when covering your company, they may be more inclined to feature your business. As such, it would do your company some good to put together professional videos and images.

Then a news outlet could use these forms of media when spotlighting your company. You'll save them the extra work and that's paramount for establishing a positive relationship early on in this process. Just make sure your videos and pictures are company-appropriate, as well as relevant to the reasons you're trying to get featured in the news to begin with. 

There are a lot of reasons why your company would want to get featured in the local news. As long as you use the right tactics when trying to achieve a local news spot, you should have success with the news outlets you reach out to.