Using A Shipping Container To Create An Accessible Storage Solution

Storage space can be hard to come by, and often renting a self-storage unit means taking trips to the storage facility anytime you need something. Renting shipping containers redesigned for storage on your property is sometimes a better option, and the cost of the container may not be any more expensive than the cost of the storage unit when you compare the price per square foot.

Storage Containers

Storing things you don't have space for inside your home or business can be challenging. Traditionally, a storage facility was the best option. However, some companies rent shipping containers for storage solutions set up on your property to allow easy access. 

The container sizes available vary, allowing you to tailor your storage container to your needs. Using shipping containers in good condition means that the materials you are storing are protected and accessible anytime you need something. The container may require a concrete pad to support it and stop it from sinking into the ground when loaded, but if you already have a spot, like a parking area or patio space that is not in use, the container may be able to sit there.

There are also many different container styles available, so you could choose one that opens on one end or has doors on both ends to allow easier access to things inside the container. Storing something like a classic car or something else not permitted in standard storage facilities is often not an issue with storage containers, and the storage provider can move the loaded container for you if you decide to buy a new home or move your business.

If you are planning on having the storage container moved, you must secure anything inside before it is loaded and moved. Anything not secure could get damaged by the movement. 

Rental Terms

When renting storage containers, the same terms apply if you fail to make your payments as most storage units use. The difference is that if you are renting a container, which means that instead of locking you out of the container, the rental service will come and take it if you stop paying the bill. 

When the storage rental service delivers the container, they may require you to put it somewhere that allows them access if they need to pick it up. They may also want to approve the location of the pad you are setting it on before they deliver the container. Long-term leases are often available that result in you obtaining ownership of the container over time, or you may want to use the service, paying a few months at a time, especially if you are building a new home or storage shed on the property.