Rent A Stump Grinder To Remove That Cottonwood Tree Stump In Your Yard

If you finally grew tired of your cottonwood tree shedding its leaves and limbs all over your yard every fall and had it cut down, then you are certainly not alone. While cottonwood trees are often planted because of their quick growth and drought tolerance, their branches oftentimes grow too fast and then easily break off in windstorms. The good news is that once you have had the tree professionally cut down, then you can easily remove the tree stump yourself.

To remove your cottonwood tree's stump from your yard, follow this procedure:

Rent a Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is the easiest way to remove the cottonwood tree stump and its surrounding root structure. You can easily grind out even the largest stump and rootball in only a couple of hour's time, even if you have never operated a stump grinder in the past.

When you rent the stump grinder, the staff at the equipment rental company will instruct you on how to use the machine safely and most effectively.

Dig the Base of the Stump Out

It is much easier and safer to grind out a stump and its roots when you have a clear view of the area you are working within. It's also important to remove any rocks or bark from the area because they can cause damage to the stump grinders sharp blades and spinning mechanism.

To this end, dig out the area within a foot or so of the outside of the stump. Dig down far enough that you uncover the larger roots that you want to cut off.

Cut the Stump Off and Sever the Roots

Using a chainsaw, cut the stump off as close to the ground as you can without burying your chainsaw blade into the dirt. The farther down you are able to cut the stump, the less grinding will be necessary to remove the rest of the stump.

Cut off the uncovered roots and the base of the stump. Severing the roots will keep saplings from sprouting from them when it rains.

Grind Out the Stump and Root Ball

Use the stump grinder to grind the cottonwood root ball and stump out of the ground. Start on one side of the tree and work around in a circle until you have hit the center of the rootball and all of the top material has been ground into wood chips.

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