Why Set Up A Snow Removal Contract?

If you have to clear snow away from the outside of your business buildings every year, then you have to decide whether this is a job you'll do yourself or whether you'll contract it out to a commercial snow removal contractor.

While some companies cope with this job in-house, it often makes sense to bring in external specialists. Rather than booking a removal on an ad hoc basis when it snows heavily, it's also worth considering setting up a seasonal contract. How do these contracts work and what are their benefits?

How Does a Seasonal Snow Removal Contract Work?

While snow removal contract services vary depending on the company you use, they all typically share core features. You pay a fee, either as a one-off charge or as monthly winter payments, to retain the services of the contractor over snow season.

The contractor commits to clearing your snow under certain circumstances. For example, one deal might trigger automatic removal within a set deadline if you have more than one inch of snow; another might wait until you have two inches. You can also often add additional services such as pre-treatments to mitigate against the effects of unexpected snow.

What Are the Benefits of a Snow Removal Contract?

Many businesses outsource snow removal simply because they don't want to do the job themselves. They don't have the manpower or equipment to clear their external areas quickly and safely enough during snow season.

If you sign a contract with a removal service, then you tap into their expertise, staff, and equipment. This costs you less than investing in your own equipment or machinery; you also don't have to use up valuable employee hours.

You also get a guaranteed response when it does snow. If you're caught out by a storm and you don't have an agreement with a removal contractor, then you might find it hard to have your snow removed quickly or cheaply. The area around your business could become a safety hazard.

You'll have a lot of competition and might find it hard to find a removal contractor with a free slot. Plus, your costs for an emergency and one-off clearance will probably be higher than if you had a seasonal contract. If demand outstrips supply, then removal services can become more expensive.

If you have a contract, then you have a guarantee of snow clearance. Your costs even out over the course of the contract, so you'll also get a more cost-effective solution.

Contact a commercial snow removal company for more information.