Tips To Ensure You Have A Great Job Interview And Get The Gig You Want

Hunting for a job is always tough, so when you finally land a job interview you may feel nervous because you don't want to waste the opportunity. You can calm your nerves if you take the time to make sure you are as prepared as possible. If you want to seize this moment and get the job you really want, here are some tips that might help you achieve your goal.

Anticipate the Questions and Come Up with Answers Before You Get There

The last thing you want to happen at a job interview is to be caught off guard. Interviewers may try to catch you with a curveball, but you can make sure you are prepared by writing up some potential questions and coming up with answers before you even get there. Even if you still get hit with something unexpected, going in with a good idea of what you are going to say to the typical interview questions will allow you to walk into their office with a little extra confidence in your step. That confidence could also lead to a better first impression because it will be clear to the employer that you take yourself seriously and know what you're about.

Dig Deep When Researching

Browse the company website for the basics about the firm you are going to interview with. Hopefully, you already did this before you even applied. If you want to set yourself apart from other candidates, you'll want to dig deep on your research, beyond what just the information available on their "About Us" web page. You could start by looking at their executive team and noting anything interesting about their background. You never know who you might be introduced to during an interview, and being able to make clear that you also know a thing or two about the people in charge can be impressive. Another idea for a deep dive might be to pull the latest public earnings report or to ask the interviewer a question about something the CEO said in a recent press statement. That'll show that you actively follow the company as much as possible.

Do a Mock Interview With Someone in Your Industry

If you have a trusted friend or colleague that knows about the employer in question or potentially the industry, you could hold a mock interview. Your friend may come up with other questions besides the ones you brainstormed. Getting practice with responding to unexpected questions will help you when it's time for the real thing.