3 Factors That Impact How Long The High Lasts When You Consume Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are basically any product that has cannabis cooked into the food or beverage. There are a wide range of products that can be a cannabis edible, with the most common being gummies, hard candies, and butter that are used to make a variety of cannabis-style baked goods, like brownies and cookies.

Many people enjoy cannabis edibles because the high that one gets from cannabis edibles is generally longer-lasting than the high that one gets from smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing weed. Edible highs last longer because the cannabinoids in the weed have to travel through your digestive system before getting to your bloodstream, allowing for a slower release of cannabinoids into your system. Exactly how long the high from edibles lasts depends upon a variety of different factors.

1. Strain Type

The first factor that impacts how high you get is the strain of cannabis that was used to create the edible in the first place. A stronger strain of weed, with a higher percentage of either THC or CBD, will give you prolonged effects due to the strength of that strain.

Additionally, different strains of cannabis can produce different types of highs, which is why it is smart to know what type of weed was used to create the edibles.

2. Percentage of THC

The percentage of THC in the edible, once it is created, can also impact how long the high lasts. The higher the percentage of THC in the final product, generally the longer the high will last. With high THC levels in an edible, the high will feel like it lasts for a long time because once you reach the peak high, it will take a while for your body to travel back to its baseline again.

3. Dosage of Edibles

The third factor that impacts how long the high lasts is the dosage you take. If you take one piece of candy verses five pieces of cannabis candy at once, the high that you feel with each will be different. Edibles are portioned out into servings, and if you take multiple servings, the high you feel will last longer.

When it comes to how high a cannabis edible will make you feel, and how long that high will last, the effects can vary greatly from one edible to the next. The impact you feel is based on the strain used in the edible, the percentage of THC in that strain, and the dosage that you took of that edible. With cannabis edibles, it is always best to take a small amount and figure out how it impacts you before consuming more.

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