Design Factors To Consider When Choosing Office Furniture

Every office is nothing without its furniture. At a bare minimum, you need a reception desk and chairs for the lobby or waiting area of your office. There are also design factors to consider when you choose your office furniture for the first time, or you are choosing office furniture to update the look of your office. If you are unfamiliar with these design factors, they are provided below for your consideration. 


Are you trying to make everything in the office comfortable? Do you expect visitors to have long waits in the lobby, or expect employees to be sitting for long hours at their desks or cubicles? Then you might want furniture that is comfortable to sit in, specifically chairs and office/desk chairs. Comfort might also present itself in the form of adjustable furniture, which places everything at exactly the right height for every employee's individual height. For example, a desk and chair can adjust to fit one employee's height of just under two meters by a couple of centimeters, while that same furniture can adjust to fit another employee who is over two meters tall. 


Sitting all day every day can be really harsh on the body. Trying to type at angles not in alignment with the body's natural curves is a problem too. Many business owners are getting into ergonomics, which is furniture that helps employees sit and work in much more natural and supportive positions. If a lot of your employees complain of joint pain, fatigue, etc., then ergonomically designed office furniture may be an option. 


There is no end to the styles of office furniture available. Most of it is contemporary, modern, or classic, but you could also opt for vintage or some form of "damaged chic." Combined styles are popular too. You will have to consult some catalogs and business magazines to see how other businesses are using style to create their own spaces. 

Color or Pattern

Wood office furniture has dozens of finishes. Upholstered furniture has almost limitless options, especially when you factor in custom upholstery and patterned fabrics, not just solid colors. If you were to sit down with an interior designer who specializes in office furniture, you might be very surprised at all of the things you can do with colors and patterns. There are swatch and sample cards at most furniture stores, too, so be sure to check these out before you make your selections. 

For more information, talk to an office furniture store near you.