Customized Bottled Water Is A Great Promotional Item For Your Gym

Promotional items are a great way to advertise your business. If you're trying to draw customers to your gym, you may want to pass out water bottles with your logo on them. Nearly everyone appreciates bottled water, and it is easy to customize them with your label. Here's how to customize water bottles and how to use them to promote your business.

Buy Personalized Water Bottle Labels

The easiest way to make branded water bottles is to have the labels printed in bulk, and then you can apply them to water that you buy by the case. Creating custom labels is easy. You can have your graphics team create a label with your gym's logo and important information and then submit the file to a printing company. Water bottle labels need to be waterproof and come with a self-adhesive backing that adheres well, so it looks as if the water was bottled just for your gym. Once you have the labels, you can stick them on water bottles and make as many as you need for a specific event. This saves you from buying more water than you need and having to store it somewhere. Just buy the labels in bulk and use them over the course of the year as they are needed.

Hand Out Water At Events

Your gym could sponsor local running or sporting events and set up a booth to distribute the water. You can give the water away for free, or you could even sell it if you are allowed to. Selling the water helps recoup your costs, and it would allow you to set up more booths at more events in a cost-effective manner. Each bottle of water acts as an advertisement for your gym as people walk around the event carrying the bottles.

Sell The Water At Your Gym

Although branded water is ideal for drawing in new customers and spreading the word about your gym, it is also a nice perk for your customers while they work out. You could offer complimentary water or sell it at your gym. When customers take water with them when they leave, the bottles spread your message wherever your customers go.

Promotional items are great advertising tools as long as you provide something people want and need. Water is something that's always appreciated, and a custom label sends a message every time someone takes a drink. Water is also a great match for a gym since staying hydrated is important, so it doubles as a health message as well, which shows you care about the people in your community.

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