Eight Ways To Increase Storage Outside Your Home

If you don't have a garage or ample storage outside your home, you may need to use some creative methods to properly store and secure your tools, sporting goods, and other belongings. There are some ways to cleverly invent storage outside your home, that will accommodate these possessions while keeping other areas of your property clutter-free.

Eight ways to increase storage in the exteriors of your home include:

1. Hatches on your deck

The deck on your home actually could be hiding a lot of untapped storage space. If you own your home, you may want to talk with contractors about cutting into the deck's surface to create roomy hatches under the floor. Depending on the height and depth of the decking, you may be able to create ample room for any outdoor items.

2. Raised patios

If you have an outdoor space that would be perfect for a patio, create one that also serves to store some of your belongings, as well. Raised patios present the option of opening up the side, either with a drawer or a door, to stow stuff underneath. Visitors and those using the patio will never realize that they are walking across the top of your hidden storage space!

3. Attached tenders

Build an attached box or "tender" to the exterior walls or end of your home's structure. These are often referred to as "back-packs," as they hang from the wall and can hold many of the items that you regularly use. These are great resources for tools and home improvement goods that keeps them on hand but out of sight.

4. Backyard structures

If you really want to bring some charm and character to your property while increasing storage,why not invest in a temporary backyard structure? These are offered in a wide range of dimensions, and are often found in vinyl, metal, and wood variations to suit your home's exterior look.

5. Vintage mailboxes

If you have ever seen some of the cool, retro mailboxes, or even spotted the whimsical variations available in many home improvement stores, consider how these might be mounted in the yard to store items conveniently. These make an excellent hideaway in the yard or garden for things that you routinely need, such as garden tools, screwdrivers, and flashlights.

6. Lengths of lattice

If you have an attached porch of deck, consider adding lattice skirting around the base. This serves two purposes: one, to conceal what you might have underneath this area of the home, and, two, to secure the items you have placed there. There may be a lot of unused space in these spots, and the lattice camouflages the storage aesthetically, while also keeping it secure when you add a lock or latch.

7. Yard art

Get really inventive with storage options outside and create some double-duty yard art. For instance, recycled materials, like old tires, can be re-purposed to become appealing and functional storage options. Stack tires to create a "cup," adding a piece of cut rubber or rope for the handle, and fill the cavity of the cup with bags of soil, garden accents, or materials, such as rope or bungee cords.

8. Self-storage

If all else fails and you are faced with the reality that you simply do not have enough storage around your property, rent a self-storage unit from places like Total Storage Ltd. These facilities are inexpensive, and maintain your belongings in a safe, secure, and climate-controlled environment. This is typically a worthwhile investment for homeowners who need a place for their tools, equipment, and seasonal sporting goods.

Try any of these suggestions to increase potential storage space around the home, and to keep your outdoor items safe and secure. These methods each bring their own special flair to your home's curb appeal, too!