Understanding Hydro Excavation And Its Benefits

If you have a project that requires a quick and efficient way to safely dig large holes in the ground, hydro excavation is your best option. Due to its utilization of pressurized water and a vacuum system, it is the safest and least destructive way to remove large amounts of soil from almost any area without impacting the surrounding areas. During the colder parts of the year, hydro excavation experts have access to heaters, so even frozen soil is no problem. 

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

The process itself is simple and may only require one or two experts for smaller projects. Pressurized water, or occasionally pressurized air, is used to do the work that humans would otherwise do and is forced into the ground. The force of the water or air removes soil at a controlled speed, which can be limited for delicate projects, and then the displaced soil is placed into an adjacent storage tank for safe keeping. 

 Hydro excavation may also be known as:

  • Soft digging

  • Vacuum excavation

  • Hydro trenching   

Why Use Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is the safest option for safely removing large amounts of soil in a short time period because it is a non-destructive method. Specifically, that means that when done properly by experts, there should never be excess ground removed.

Because it targets only the desired portion of ground, hydro excavation is environmentally responsible. In addition, the vehicle that encompasses its components also has hoses that allow work to be done from many feet away. That means that the safety of workers is better than ever before and the chances of an accidental cave-in during a dig are much lower than with a dump truck and its less precise use.

Who Will Benefit The Most From Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation has been used in many different industries. For instance, it saves time and energy when unearthing fuel and utility lines. It has also been used extensively in the oilfield industry, often to remove soil so that oil pumps can be installed or existing devices can be accessed and repaired.

In the event of a partial or full tunnel collapse anywhere in the world, the availability of hydro excavation can save lives and prevent the loss of expensive equipment.

In conclusion, it is crucial to remember that because hydro excavation is so efficient and quick, it saves money because it saves time. It saves lives because it can be used by placing it nearby or using it remotely and therefore is the most appropriate choice for any large projection that requires extensive soil removal. Speak directly with companies like Fortune Oilfield Construction Ltd for more information.