5 Tips For Making Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

When you participate in a trade show, you need to ensure your booth stands out from the crowd, as there may be hundreds of other booths all competing for the attention of those who walk through the doors. To make your booth more noticeable, consider these important tips.

1. Use bold wording

Phrases like "You're losing out on...," or "You're forgetting this!" will catch the eyes of those who attend trade shows. Use bold wording that will capture their curiosity and make them want to stop and learn more about a particular subject, not just your product or service itself.

2. Choose your coloring carefully

It can be tempting to choose bold colors to make your booth stand out, but you want to choose colors that will work well with your product or service rather than just the brightest color that can be seen. For example, if you sell organic foods or other products, a soft soothing sage green is often a good color. If you sell high-tech equipment, cool blue and silver work well with technology. For home goods, opt for earth tones. These colors will give your booth an overall look and feeling that appeals to attendees.

3. Give something away

People come to trade shows looking for free samples and things they can take home with them, and this is an important part of advertising. For your giveaway, choose something unique, such as candy bars in personalized wrappers, or fresh flowers with your business card attached to the stem. Your item will be remembered long after the show is over, and others at the show will want to know where someone else got their candy bar or flower.

4. Display your product at work

A trade show booth only gives you so much space, so you might have a video running on a small monitor that shows your product at work. This might be a video of the inside of the travel trailers that you sell, a video of homes before and after your design service, or a video of a model using your organic skincare line. When people see your product being utilized or see its effects, they are more likely to stop by your booth and get more information.

5. Make it three-dimensional

Rather than plain walls, be sure your booth is three-dimensional. Hang fabric panels or textured signs from your walls, or have a scrolling display across the back wall. The deeper a booth and the more texture it offers, the more eye-catching and appealing it will be. You can even hire a company like Arc and Co. to help you design the perfect trade show booth.