Electropolishing As A Metal Finishing

If you are in an industry that manufacturers or uses metal parts that twist, bend, for flex, you need to be familiar with the benefits that electropolishing can offer you during your metal finishing process. As you know during the manufacturing cycle, there are tiny, nicks, grooves and pits which are left behind. Many of these are not even visible to the naked eye but can quickly become breeding grounds for corrosion. In a part that is constantly moving, it does not take much to create a condition which will cause it to fail. Many times these small surface defects are just enough to impede the parts performance. By removing these imperfections through the use of electropolishing, you will improve the integrity of your parts and increase their life spans. This in turn will increase the quality of your product. Better quality means happier customers, which will mean more money being made. Electropolishing as a part of your metal finishing can also help you to meet your stress requirements. In product testing there is only a small percentage that can fail before you have to revisit the product design. Your design may be solid but due to these surface imperfections, it may not be holding up under stress. Refinishing the metal in this manner can help your product get through testing. Contact Vaughan Metal Polishing Ltd for more info.